2022 BECE: 15 English Composition Questions Likely To Drop And How To Solve Them


At the junior high school level, one subject that is considered an essential core subject is the English language course.

In relation to this fact, grading for final year students at the junior high level depends massively on how well a candidate is able to pass his or her exam.

Usually, most students who finish writing their Basic Education Certificate Examination tend to get either their first, second or third choice senior high schools, basically because of their ability or inability to pass the English language examination as well as the remaining three core subjects which include Mathematics, Integrated Science and Social Studies.

In today’s write-up, we will be taking a critical look at the composition aspect of the English language course and some frequent composition questions likely to drop.

With English Composition, it’s either you get to answer a letter writing question or you choose to write a story.

With story writing, all you need to do is create picture of what the question demands in your mind and structure your storyline properly before putting it on paper.

In this case, it’s advisable to pen down the layout of how you want your story to look like before finally putting it on the authentic sheet you’ve been provided with.

In regards to the letter, you need to be abreast with the layout of a formal letter because it’s usually common among the questions posed by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) frequently.

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Layout Of A Formal Letter

The formal letter format begins with the writer’s address and date on the left side while the recipients address follows below on the right side, then the salutation.

The most appropriate salutation required for most formal letters is Dear Sir, or Dear Madam,. Preferably, you can use Dear Sir/Madam, if the gender of the recipient wasn’t stated in the question.

The heading should follow and lie right beneath the comma placed in front of your salutation. After the heading written in block letters, try as much as possible to make your introduction as brief and straightforward as possible before starting with the body of your letter.

For BECE candidates, a minimum 250 words is required hence it’s advisable to exceed the required number of words a bit to be on the safer side. Kindly take note that, the 250 words applies to the body and conclusion only.

After concluding with your letter, the most appropriate subscription for formal letters is “Yours faithfully”, followed by the writer’s signature and his or her name.

Candidates should endeavor to take note of the capitalization of words usually located at the subscription, address and salutation as it carries essential marks.

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Below is a list of fifteen likely english composition questions for BECE candidates.

  • Write a letter to the West African Examination Council (WAEC) explaining four measures that can be adopted to avoid examination leakage.
  • Write a letter to your District Chief Executive (DCE) on the massive shortage of water supply in your community and suggest two ways of solving the menace.
  • Write a letter to the PTA Chairman of your school explaining why it is important to provide recreational facilities in your school.
  • Write a letter to your class teacher explaining two games that should be encouraged among students of your school.
  • Write a letter to the Presiding member of your District Assembly informing him or her about the two major achievements that have been recognized in your community over the past five years and plans for the future.
  • You have been offered admission into the senior high school with a course you do not like to pursue. Write a letter to the head of the school providing at least two reasons why you want the programme to be changed for you.
  • Write a letter to the Member Of Parliament of your constituency, informing him or her about the rapid increase in robbery cases in your community and suggest two ways to control the situation.
  • Write a letter to your District Director of Education providing tangible reasons on why canning should be banned in schools.
  • Write a letter to the Assemblyman of your community suggest at least two in which you help improve sanitation in your community.
  • Write a letter to the District Director of Education applying for the post of a messenger. Providing reasons why you the best fit for the position.
  • You have not returned to school after vacation ended. Write a letter to your headmaster/headmistress explaining why you are still home while school has reopened.
  • Your class teacher has wrongfully punished you for a crime you did not commit. Write a letter to your headteacher explaining why you think you have punished unfairly.
  • You have completed junior high school and would like to improve on your best skill. Write a letter of application to the owner of a company for apprenticeship.
  • Your teachers have complained about acts of indiscipline going on in your school. As the Senior Prefect of your school, write a letter to the headmaster, describing at least two of such acts of indiscipline and suggest ways through which they can be corrected.
  • As the school prefect of your school, write a letter District Chief Executive requesting for maintenance of buildings constructed in your school.
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