24 Years Old African Marries 89 Year Old White Woman – See Their Wedding photos


A 24 years old african man and his 89 years old white wife have got many social media users talking after their white wedding photos were shared on the internet by a social media user.

Marriage as usual is something that most people wish for in order to feel completed after they found a better half to spend the rest of their live with. Even though there has been argument over the years concerning the age difference for a marriage couple. Some argue that marriage does not depend on age difference but rather what both are capable of offering in order to keep a healthy relationship or marriage.

I think age is something to be considered when choosing your partner to spend the rest of your life with as far as marriage is concerned. There are various responsibilities that will be performed by each of the and I think these responsibilities will be slowed down when both couples age together and vice versa. But in the situation whereby one of the couple isn’t able to perform their duties due to their age, this becomes a great burden on the other. In other words, you cannot take anything away from love, as far as happiness leads in marriage, age is not to be considered.

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Wedding photos of a 24 years African man and his 89 years old white wife have sparkled a lot of controversies from many social media users after their photos were shared on the internet. According to reports which has not been confirmed yet, it all started as an online dating and the love for each other grew and grew to the extent that both of them agreed to finally tie the nut. The old woman flew to Africa to have the white wedding with her young husband and then took him back to America for them to spend their wonderful marriage life together.

Many social media users see this as money love and because the guy wants to live in America, so he uses this as an opportunity to marry the old woman. And as usual, others also congratulated them and wished the guy good luck in the new chapter of his life.

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