Six Armed Robbers Storm Church In The Upper East Region


Six Armed Robbers Storm Church In the Upper East Region

It has been reported that a Church in Bolgatanga which is named “The River of Life International Global Prayer Center” was hijacked by robbers when service was ongoing on Thursday, February 4, 2021.

According to reports, the six armed robbers unlawfully entered the Church auditorium when the church members were filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and seeking for the glory of the Almighty creator in their lives for the opportunity to see year 2021.

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The armed robbers who entered the Church premises with two motorbikes and a tricycle to transport their booty, took these victims through numerous drills, took away their cash and personal stuffs which included mobile phones and other accessories.

After the armed robbers were done with their drills in the church, the armed robbers took two motorbikes of their choice into the tricycle, and left the church premises at a top speed like nothing happened.

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People living in that particular part of the community have been gripped with fear as the community has become a prey zone for
armed robbers, specifically the highways in the city that has witnessed a number of drivers being killed.



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