3 Essential Things About Life Your Teacher Failed To Teach You In School


Immediately you are born into this world, there is the perception some people have about life and how things work from the basic human aspect.

Just as it’s perceived, life is a journey. However, a lot of people don’t know how it starts neither do they know how it ends.

1. Be Who You Are

The truth of the matter is you can be whatever you want to be depending on what you think about yourself.

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If you have the perception you born to be rich the definitely you are going to be as rich as you dream of. However, if you are focused on looking at the negatives all the time, your success might not be realized as you perceive.

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It is therefore advisable to always be who you want to be. This is one the most essential things no teacher taught you in school.

2. Avoid Too Much Friends

One other thing your teacher failed to let you know is that too many friends tend to disway you from your mission.

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If you are someone who was a bookworm in school, one thing you will always remember is when your teacher used to tell you make more friends because you never know where you might meet them in future.

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This tenet you were taught by your teacher is actually not realistic.
Making too much friends will actually make you poor when you eventually get rich.

This is because getting along with too much friends puts you in a position to listen to so many advises whenever you want to make a crucial decision.

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It is therefore advisable to keep less friends if you really want to make it in life.

3. The Only Way To Become Rich As An Adult Is Through Education

This is one thing that has become an argument for ages. Based on the information given to us from childhood by our teachers, we have grown to think the only to make it in life is through education.

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Though some lucky students make it after acquiring a certificate, have ever borthered to ask yourself about those who are not all that intelligent?

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Well, that basic ideology should tell there are several ways one can become successful without money.

You could become filthy rich from either an art or craft you’ve built from your personal potential. In recent times, people who choose to make a living from their talents tend to be more successful than the elites.


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