3 Petty Expenses That Drain Your Income Without You Noticing


Making money is not all about depending on a monthly income that will keep you going every now and then.

It entails knowing the appropriate line of business that will yield the best of results for you as a person.

Usually, we make lots of money at the end of the month. However, our income is depleted massively at the very middle of the month when we seem not to notice the exact thing we used our salaries for.

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In today’s article, I will giving readers brief information on some of these petty expenses.

1. Airtime/ Internet Bundle

It is one of the silent killers when it comes to expenditure. This is because it is not deducted in large amounts.

Buying airtime and internet bundle adds up to 60% of money we spend each month.

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The moment you begin to cut down or control the way you spend on airtime and internet bundles you will surely realize it’s that silent parasite draining your income without your notice.

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2. Buying In Bits

It’s also one of the most treacherous petty expenses.

Buying in bits only gives you the impression you are being economical.

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However, after taking a critical look at the rate at which your income depletes, you will realize it’s doing more harm than good.

2. Spending On Flashy Things

Once in a while we like to look good and flashy but wanting to look expensive all the time will definitely drain your income.

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Remain spending money on flashy things puts you in a position where you always have to keep up with the lifestyle.

The moment you make looking flashy a habitual thing, you put pressure on yourself and your fixed income because it has no idea the kind of lifestyle you are living is not up to its standard.


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