3 Reasons Why Your Prayers Have Not Been Answered


Prayers are an essential part of every individual’s life. It is a form of communication between an individual and his or her maker.

Currently, spìrìtuality and religion have made prayer an integral part of our everyday life.

While some individuals can’t go a day without prayer, others can go over a week without prayer. An individual’s inability to pray may be due to his or her busy schedule or her unwillingness to pray.

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Whatever the case may be, never make prayer an occasional thing in your life.

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Always make it a point to say a prayer every morning. Prayers are accompanied with words but trust me they have very powerful impacts on our lives.

Though some individuals often say prayers, they usually complain about getting no results. Never think your maker is turning His back when your prayers have not been answered.

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Let’s take a look at some reasons why your prayers are not answered.

1. Timing

The Almighty Creator chooses when to bless His children. He has his appropriate time he does these things hence anytime you pray and fail to get results within your time of expectation just it’s not time for your Creator to answer them yet.

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His timing is always perfect.

2. You Ask For Too Much

Praying to the Almighty God is like asking for your needs and asking for your help shouldn’t be compounded in nature.

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Imagine going to ask for a favor with a list of needs which you definitely are too much to be provided at a time.

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That’s how we make our prayers sometimes. We make them too much that we sometimes don’t know which one to prioritize.

In order to avoid making this mistake, let’s always try to make our requests simpler.

3. We Only Pray When It’s Urgent

Praying at times of urgency is not bad but it shouldn’t be a habitual thing.

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Always try to say a prayer of thanksgiving when you are really not in trouble or in urgent need. It’s a very good thing to do as a person.


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