3 Signs She Is Planning To Break Up With You; Leave Her Immediately


Usually, guys are smarter than girls when it comes to break up. You could be staying with a guy for over six months and never have a clue what he has in plan for you.

This makes guys more fearful than ladies. In actual sense, break ups usually come from guys than girls.

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However, it doesn’t mean ladies cannot initiated break ups. The truth is guys are more likely to initiate break ups because they are usually the ones who fall in love first but they tend to lose interest earlier than ladies as time goes on.

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I know a lot of people have a fair idea of how guys behave when they are eagerly waiting for you to back out of a relationship.

Due to this factuality, I will be educating readers on some signs a lady may show if she wants you to break up with you.

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Do well to act smart and leave her first to avoid the embarrassment.

1. She Picks Quarrels Over Trivial Issues

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A lady who is eager to leave you will go to any extent to pick little quarrels with you just to give her the chance to back out.

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If you realize your gîrlfrîend has suddenly started picking quarrels with you over basically nothing, just know she wants to push you to say “fine, I quit”.

2. She Doesn’t Appreciate Anything You Do For Her

If a girl is truly in love with you, she will definitely be pleased by the little things you do for her. Most often than not, she will even encourage you not spend too much on her.

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However, the moment you take her out to the most expensive boutique/mall, shower her with cash and still realize she is unappreciative of all what you’ve done, just bear in mind she has a hidden motive.

She wants to frustrate you to back out.

3. She Gets On Your Nerves Intentionally

No lady will like to see her guy angry at her. Hence, if a girl constantly gets you angry knowingly, just know she has plans of forcing you to break up with her.


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