3 Simple Tricks That Can Help You Pass WASSCE Without Stress


For a couple of years now, one issue that has become a major headache for senior high school students is how to pass the West African Senior School Certificate Examination with ease.

According to observations, it’s not an easy task at all. Students have lamented on how they spend time learning day in day out just to get disappointed after the final results are out.

After senior high school, some students are compelled to do menial jobs to survive just because they weren’t able to pass their WASSCE as expected.

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In today’s article, we will be looking at some simple tips you can adapt if you want to pass your West African Senior School Certificate Examination with ease.

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1. Group Studies

This method has proven to be one of the best and easiest ways of making it through senior high school. If you are an average or highly intelligent student, this is one of the most appropriate style of learning you should adapt.

With group studies, the more you share your ideas or even try to teach others, the higher your chances of recollecting what you learned.

2. The “Chewing Gum” Method

According to psychologists, learning while chewing a gum gives you an 85% chance of remembering whatever you learned.

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The moment you feel there is a high possibility you may forget what you’ve learned, just cultivate the habit of chewing gum while learning.

Afterwards, try recollecting what you have learnt while still chewing gum. There is a huge possibility you are going to remember whatever you learned the moment you enter the exam hall with a tip of the chewing you have been chewing while learning. In this case not the same chewing gum, the same brand.

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This is because the learning and memory retention is at its peak whenever you are exercising the jaw with a gum.

3. Act Like You Don’t Know/ Act Like You Have Not Learned Anything

One easy way through which you can get to acquire much knowledge is by acting like you have not learned a lot.

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It gives you the edge to learn more which compels you to think deeper and aquire more knowledge. In order to stay on top, always act like you have not learned enough.


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