3 Things You Should Never Say To Your Mother


In our side of the world, mothers are considered an essential part of an individual’s life.

Though a child is born to his or her father and his or her mother, it’s perceived that the mother holds a very strong bond with her child.

As a child, there are certain things you shouldn’t think of saying to your mother no matter how angry you are.

To you, it may appear you are venting your anger on her for a wrong deed she’s done to you.

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However, to her it’s heartbreaking and might even cost her her life if cares is not taken. Let’s take a look at these three things.

1. Her Food Doesn’t Taste Nice

No matter how horrible your mother’s food tastes, never spill it out to her that her food tastes bad.

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Doing that will break her heart and give her a very bad feeling especially because it’s from her won child.

2. You Regret Having Her As Your Mother

This is also a huge red flag. No matter how bad your mother treats you never tell her you regret taking having her as your mother.

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3. She Is Wicked

This sentiment should never cross your mind as a child. Irrespective of the level of cruelty you are shown by your mother, never tell her she is wicked.

Do you know why? This is because no cruel mother will her child for nine months in her womb. Before you think of spilling out this sentiment, just bear this in mind.


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