3 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Public If You Want People To Respect You


Courtesy is one thing that distinguishes the highly civilized from the common man walking around the streets.

It’s therefore advisable to always act courteous if want people to give you the respect you deserve. The way you behave in public tells a lot about you.

It doesn’t only tell the kind of person you are, it also tells people the kind of home you are from.

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This simply means whenever you act cruel in public or act in an unpleasant manner, you don’t only disgrace yourselve but you bring shame and disgrace to the household you represent.

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In relation to this fact, I have made a list of some basic things you shouldn’t do in public if you want people to respect you.

1. Scratch Your Anüs

Never prick and move your hand around your anal area no matter how bad it is.

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Rather, quickly find a secret location where nobody can get a clear picture of what you are doing, feel comfortable and cater for any itchy feeling.

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2. Pick Your Nose

Most people unconsciously pick their nose in public even when they have a handkerchief in hand.

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This is also one awful attitude that says so many horrible things about you. Never do this in public. It will cause people to lose respect for you.

3. Fight In Public

There are some people who deserve to be bashed to make them aware you are not some walkover anyone can tamper with.

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However, the moment you start to engage in fist fights within the public domain, your respect decreases. It’s even worse when you get into fist fights with ladies.

People usually see guys who beat girls as violent and people who lack self-respect. Never do this if you don’t want to lose respect.


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