4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Allow A Lady To Sl££p Over In Your House


To some men, allowing a lady to spend the night in their house is one of the easiest ways of getting to lay her to bed.

Similarly, when relationships get intense, the love becomes so deep that both lovers feel they should do everything together.

In relation to this, the guy is compelled to allow his lady to sl££p over out of love.

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In today’s article, we will be looking at four major reasons why you shouldn’t allow a lady to sleep over in your house.

1. She Might Be A Spy

In our current world, trust is something that has become very difficult to find. Allowing a lady who is not bonded with you in your house overnight could spell doom for you.

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Probably, she could be a spy or she could be monitoring your assets before officially accepting you into her life.

2. Something Bad Could Happen To Her

It is quite obvious that it is during the night that physical and spìrìtuàl attacks take place.

Allowing a girl to stay overnight in your house could lead to dangers like either getting attacked by armed robbers or she losing her life through a spiritual attack.

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Remember there is no one to serve as evidence during the night hence you could be blamed for anything that happens at that time.

3. She Could Be A Spirit

In this life, there are things that happen in the spiritual real that the canal eyes cannot see.

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Not every living being we see on the streets are human like we see them. Allowing a lady to sl££p over could get you in trouble, especially if she is an evil spirit.

4. She Can Use It To Pin A Pregnancy On You

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One major strategy ladies use to pin pregnancies on men is by sl££ping over at his place.

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These ladies do this to get enough evidence to pin pregnancies on men. This is because a guy could deny having s3x with a lady behind close doors.

However, if she has some form of picture or video to show she has spent a night with him before, then she has enough evidence to pin a pregnancy on him.

This is one major reason why ladies love to do selfie videos with their lovers when they get to spend time with them in their house.


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