5 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Do Not Believe In God



We are all witnesses to the fact that God is the creator of the heavens, hence we glorify his name and praise him to show appreciation for whatever he has done for us.

Divergent to this fact, there are some people who have no regard for Him. According to their point of view, God does not exist.

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In today’s article, we will be looking at five Ghanaian celebrities who have this perception.

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1. Wanlov De Kubolor

Over the years, he has been recognized as one musician who says a lot of blasphemous words against the creator.

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Aside to this fact, he has recorded songs in which he chastised men of God and the creator himself.

2. Mensah

He is a part of the Fokn boys music group. As a friend of One Luv The Kubolor, he also shares the same opinion with him.

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3. Blakk Rasta

He is a radio personality who is revered by many people because of his willingness to fight for the emancipation from mental slavery.

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Blak Rasta is also one of the few Ghanaian media personalities who do not believe in God.

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4. Tornad0

He is a movie actor who became prominent after he featured in the Afia [email protected]£n£gger television show.

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In a couple of interviews granted, he has made it clear he doesn’t believe in the Almighty God.

5. Sister Derby

She is the biological sister of Wanlov. Looking at her inclusion in this category of persons, is it possible the mentality of not believing in religion runs in the family?


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