80% Of Ladies In Girls’ SHS Practice Le$bìanìsm – Repented Le$bìan


A lady identified by the name Francisca Dela Avonyortse has shared her senior high school experience with the public.

In an interview monitored by Tapnewsgh, the repented l£sbì@n said she used to practice l£[email protected]ìsm when she was in Kumasi Girls’ senior high school.

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According to Dela, she wasn’t the shy type. She usually did the act in the open and was popular in school because of that.

She said back in school, she used to have boyfriend, but she left him because she couldn’t get the maximum satisfaction she got from her fellow ladies.

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According to her, 80% of ladies in all girls senior high schools and mixed schools practice l£sbì@nìsm. However, they do not expose their secret affàìrs because of how the society will see them.


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