A Plus Urges Ghanaians To Avail Themselves For COVID-19 Vaccination


A Plus Urges Ghanaians To Avail Themselves For COVID-19 Vaccination

Kwame A Plus has urged Ghanaians to avail themselves to take the coronavirus vaccine stressing it is safe.

The musician/politician allayed fears emphasizing that, the vaccine will not alter the recipients’ DNA neither will it cause any health hazards.

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Kwame A Plus wondered why some Ghanaians are running by conspiracy theories and falsehood about the efficacy of the vaccine, to discourage people from taking the vaccines, when they consume foods like sardines and alcoholic beverages which are equally made by foreigners.

He dismissed claims that the vaccines are made to endanger the lives of African specifically Ghanaians.

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He stated emphatically that, if the whites want to k!ll us, they wouldn’t use a vaccine.

Furthermore, he said they will put it in our sardines and corned beefs because, they know our taste buds for delicious foods is unmatched.

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A Plus made it clear the Whites would have sought for other easier means to k!ll us, if they wanted to.

He assured citizens that, the vaccines were safe and made to protect us, so every individual must get vaccinated.


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