Achimota Preparatory School


Achimota Preparatory School is a private basic school located at Achimota in the Greater Accra region of Ghana.

For readers who are conversant with the Achimota community, you can locate the school near the Achimota Police Station.

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The Preparatory school was established by a group of expatriates during the British colonial era.

The school was built purposely for the children of the colonial masters, staff of the Achimota School and the University College of Gold Coast.

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As time went on, the expatriates left the management of the school for patriots who formed a committee to run the school as a private institution as time went on.

Recently, the Ghana Education Service (GES) took over the administration of the school after a long fought court battle.

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According to the Ghana Education Service (GES), the land and building that was used for the establishment of the school formed part of the Achimota Senior High School land according to the Achimota School Ordinance No. 7 & 1948.

Per the petition made by the GES, Achimota School granted a lease to Achimota Preparatory School to allow it to operate on their premises. However, the lease agreement expired in 1970.

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From the petition made, the expiration of the lease agreement indicates Achimota Senior High School can claim ownership of the land since they are the legal owners of the property.

On 30th April, 2021, offìcials of the Ghana Education Service within the Okaikwei district closed down the school after the court ruling went in favor of the Ghana Education Service (GES).


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