Alleged Darkness To Cover The World In May


Alleged Darkness To Cover The World In May

There is a sound being circulated around the internet, concerning a divine revelation.

The sound circulating was recorded in Portuguese language, and translated into English, indicates God will permit total darkness to cover the entire world for three days and three nights.

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The interpreter kept on stressing that, this complete darkness will possibly happen in the month of May.

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The disclosure which was gotten by from three different people in Brazil indicated darkness will cover the planet earth, which will even interfere with power supply, and refrain web organizations from working.

According to these individuals who got the divine revelation, this darkness will cover the world totally from the 8th day of May, while others say in the month of May.

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The sound went further to warn individuals not to step out during this period. It indicates God will permit devils to move around the planet making hurt individuals.

Some individuals indicated that, everybody ought to set themselves up with candles and anything that can give them a helping hand.

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It is alleged that these devils will move around the homes of people, calling individuals for help purposefully.

Kindly desist from helping any person who will come to specify your name asserting the person is your friend or family member, during this time of complete darkness.

We are all to get prepared for this moment in case it truly happens as perceived.


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