Another Slay Queen D!es Few Days After Visiting Her Friend’s [email protected]


Another Slay Queen Dies Few Days After Visiting Her Friend’s Grave

This year have been full of sorrow and hardship. Death is inevitable, everyone will definitely die some day, but to die early is very painful.

The immature deaths that are happening this year is becoming alarming. The youths are dying which has cause fear and panic among the youths. Another Beautiful Slay queen Have died few days after visiting her friend who died about two years ago’s grave.

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She is called Joana Adams a 22 years old lady who is very popular on Facebook. Her death have shock Facebook users because she even posted on her Facebook page few days ago.

She died last two days and it’s very painful seeing beautiful and adorable lady dead. You will never believe she is gone because it’s very shocking that she was very fine Even the start of the week, nothing was worrying her.

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Her one week observation poster have popped up, according to the family of the Joana Adams, the One week observation will be held at Abeka, Accra Ghana on 7th November 2020.

This is very sad and painful, let’s always be a good Christians and hope for heaven, because nobody knows when and how he or she will die.

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Let us serve God with all our hearts so at the end we will be remembered in the kingdom of God.

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