Assin Manso – Location And Tourist Sites


Assin Manso is a town located in the Central region of Ghana. It is situated 40 kilometers along the Cape Coast-Kumasi highway.

The Assin Manso township is well known for the role it played during the transatlantic slave trade. It was one area that facilitated the transportation of labor for slave trade purposes.

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Without much ado, let’s take a look at some slave trade areas identified within the community.

Assin Manso Ancestral Slave Park

It was one of the largest slave markets where people gathered to engage in transatlantic slave trade in the olden days.

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The Ancestral Slave Park was the final link in the slavery route from Northern Ghana. It was identified as the largest market for merchants supplying slaves on the forts and castles along the coast.

Ancestral Grave Yard

Assin Manso was the location where the remains of dead slaves were buried after death.

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Memorial Wale Of Return

On the memorial wall of return, most Africans write their names on the wall to indicate that they have found their route as Africans.

At this location, there is an epitaph which is used to commemorate the lives of some prominent individuals who went into slavery.

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The Last Bath

On their journey to the coastal dungeon, the slave merchants stopped and rested at the “Donkor Nsuo” which means Slave River in the Akan language.

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At this particular location, slaves were allowed to rest for a while after their long journey.

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Aside these memorable tourist sites, Assin Manso is home to the Assin Manso Senior High School.

It is a mixed senior high school located in Assin Manso, along the Kumasi-Yamoransa Highway.

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The institution was established in 1965 to serve the predominant farming community of Assin.


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