Barça Fans Blame Umtiti And Dembele For Defeat


Barça Fans Blame Umtiti And Dembele For Defeat

The Barcelona club was in action against Sevilla a few hours ago. The Spanish club got many supporters heartbroken, due to their inability to deliver yesterday.

Looking at the records they have made in previous matches, it is obvious many supporters had the impression they would make yesterday’s encounter an easy win like they usually do.

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The story changed when they lost by two goals to nil against the Sevilla side.

After the match, two players from the Barcelona side have been fingered, as the major cause of the team’s loss.

These two players are Dembele and Umtiti.

The Barcelona fans indicate their abysmal performance caused the Barcelona club a lot, which led to the inability of the Spanish giants to secure the maximum three points, after 90 minutes.

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