Biography Of Rosalie Jean Willis


Rosalie Jean Willis is a well known American waitress. She was born on 28 January 1937 to Mr. Clarence Willis and Mrs. Virginia McNich.

She grew up in Benwood, a city in the western part of Virginia. According to reports gathered by Tapnewsgh, Rosalie’s parents divorced when she was very young. She had three siblings; two girls and a boy.

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Per information gathered by Tapnewsgh, Rosalie was working as a waitress in a hospital when he met his then partner, Charles Manson. At that time, she was just 15 years old.

After getting to know each other for some time, they decided to get married on 7 January 1955. They had their white wedding at the Nazarene Church.

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After they got married, Rosalie came to the realization Charles was a nótórióus crìmìnal and a cúlt leader. However, she continued to stay with him hoping he would change one day.

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After staying with Charles for a while, Rosalie filed for a divorce based on reasons unknown to the public. However, it is perceived Rosalie left because of Manson’s crìmìnàl behavior.

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Rosalie got pregnant after the divorce and had a baby for Charles while he was in prison. During that time, Rosalie had gotten married to another man because she had no hope his ex-husband was going to be released anytime soon.

Rosalie’s son took his own life after hearing about the nótorìôus lifestyle his father lived before going to prison.

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In 1971, Charles Manson was charged with first degree múrdér. After that incident, Rosalie got married to Jack White and had two children with him.

Unfortunately, a few years after giving birth, she had marital issues and had to divorce his second husband for another man.

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After settling down with his third husband, Rosalie lost his two children and husband in a mysterious way.

In 2009, Rosalie passed away after battling with lung cancer for a very long time.


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