Bongo Ideas Meet his meter, as Kojo Forex Sue Him Over Defamation


Lawyers for forex trader Bright Kojo Onipayede, known popularly as Kojo Forex, have written a strongly-worded letter to Bongo Ideas for persistently spreading lies and falsehoods about their client. Bongo Ideas, real name Albert Nathaniel Hyde, has become a “public enemy” for persistently picking on celebrities in his bid to become popular online.
The letter by Kojo Forex’s legal representative WTS Global explained in the lighted sighted by that since February 28, 2023, Bongo Ideas has “maliciously been publishing inaccurate and misleading information on Twitter about Kojo Forex.

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The lawyers stated further that Bongo Ideas has repeatedly published statements in which he falsely described Kojo Forex as a fraudster and being involved in a Ponzi scheme as well as other dishonest business dealings.

“I hate to give FX fraudsters like @KojoForex a bite of my so-called ‘ill-gotten clout. But a Ponzi-schemer who steals from people & comes online to proudly show off deserves some hooting. Pay the people you’ve defrauded first, let’s see if I could consider you for a beefing,” WTS Global reproduced this tweet it said Bongo Ideas has made in the past. The letter dated April 21, 2023, asked Bongo Ideas to retract his “malicious” tweets and apologise for same within 24 hours to face defamation charges in court.

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Bongo Ideas says he stands by his publications about Kojo Forex However, in a quick response, Bongo Ideas has said he stands by his comments against Kojo Forex, claiming he has facts to back them in court. During a Twitter Space event, he said Kojo Forex also used defamatory words against him in the past. Bongo Ideas is hated for his “obnoxious trolls”

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