Brøken Heart Nearly K!LL€d Me – Bishop Ajagurajah Narrates Sørrøwful Love Experience; See Full Story


Frontliner of the Ajagurajah Movement, Prophet Kwabena Asiamah popularly known as Bishop Ajagurajah has stated that he nearly lost his life because a lady brøke his heart when he was in his youthful days.

According to him, there is nothing like falling in love with someone. Providing reasons for this assertion, he explained that, if someone insists he or she is in love with another, then it should be possible for him or her to take a bullet for his or her partner.

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Moving further, he said since this is not possible in the current world we live in, it’s safe to say nobody truly falls in love with a man or lady.

Though the Prophet refused to give in-depth analysis on how his brøken heart experience happened, he stated emphatically that he had to spend some days at the hospital due to the adverse impact of the [email protected]êak he got from a lady sometime ago.

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