Creativity: Young Man Transforms An Abandoned Bus Into A Restaurant


Creativity: Young Man Transforms An Abandoned Bus Into A Restaurant

A young man has received lots of accolades from the public after he astonishingly transformed an abandoned bus into a restaurant.

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The young South African entrepreneur came across an abandoned luxurious bus and decided to transform it into a fast-food restaurant.

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He left the exterior part of the bus as it was excepted for a write-up which read; ”FOOD IN THE BUS”.

However, the interior parts of the vehicle underwent some magnificent transformations.

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To give the inner restaurant a lovely look, orange coloured chairs, tables, cookers, and buffet trays were used to furnish the room.

The young man also carved out a kitchen section, with a clean look and lovely feel.

Looking at the appearance of the restaurant built inside a luxurious bus, one can clearly say the South-African entrepreneur is very talented.

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