Date Rush: Ali Mocked On Social Media After Sefa Refused To Let Him Grind Her On Stage


During the pronouncement of award winners, the host of the program decided to go for a little break and to make the show more catchy, they called some musicians to come and give them some great performances.

Sefa was one of the performers who was called by popular request to perform at the date rush viewers choice awards.

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During her stage demonstration, so many date rush fanatics came to join her to make sure she nailed it.

However, Ali was rejected by Sefa after she tried to grind her when she was called by the singer to come and have a little dance contest.

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The slight humiliation that was experienced by Ali got to social media followers and almost every netizen is talking about it.

The most exciting part is that, they are teasing and making mockery of him, for what happened on stage last night.

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