Date Rush: “Famous” Goes Down On His Knees To Convince “Success” To Be His Date For The Night


Date Rush: “Famous” Goes Down On His Knees To Convince “Success” To Be His Date For The Night

Yesterday’s episode of Date rush was dubbed the Special Valentine’s Day edition of the television program. It was the sixth episode of the fourth edition.

As usual, a guy came in, and had more than nine girls, making a decision on whether he will be given the chance to get a date for that special night.

The first guy who came to compete for a date went by the name Famous”.

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In his first profile video, he indicated he was a tattoo artist which got some girls interested, while others didn’t really like the idea of dating a tattoo artist.

After his first profile video, six out of the ten rushes were off, leaving only four rushes on.
This got the guy really amazed, since that was not what he was expecting.

After the second profile video, the four rushes were narrowed down to two. This gave “Famous” some kind of hope til it got to the third round.

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After the third profile video, all rushes were turned off, which became a very tough experience for the guy named “Famous”.

Upon asking “Success”, the last girl who turned her rush off, she indicated she wasn’t also cool with the idea of dating a tattoo artist, and the comments “Famous” passed in his last profile video.

It took the guy to convince “Success” for a very long time, but she wasn’t ready to change her mind about the guy.

To the surprise of viewers, “Famous” went as far as going down on his knees, to beg “Success”, when every Television viewer was watching.

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This melt the heart of “Success”, leaving her with no option, than to agree to be Famous’s date for the special Valentine’s Day edition of the date rush program.

There have been so many instances where people did crazy things for love.

However, for a guy to go down on his knees on a television show, for a date, that is something that most people haven’t seen in a long time.



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