Display Of Hypocrisy ;Serwaa Amihere Reacts To !nsults About Her Beauty


It may sound totally ridiculous but Broadcast Journalist, Serwaa Amihere has taken to social media to react to what she tags as ‘insults’ directed at her just because she is beautiful.

According to Serwaa Amihere , she gets amazed by the fact that some people try to insult her with the beauty God has given her .

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Interestingly, it sounds so hypocritical on the part of Serwaa Amihere who claims she is amazed by insults targeted at her because regardless of the fact she may be seen as role model by others, she throws caution to the wind and shows how rude , arrogant and insulting she is.

A careful check on her social media pages would reveal that Serwaa Amihere does not respect herself at all as she is quick to insult people on social media.

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A woman who does that simply cannot be referred to as a lady.

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Ladies and real ladies for that matter would not insult people indiscriminately even when provoked.

Check Out How Serwaa Amihere Insults People On Social Media:




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