Distance From Accra To Kumasi: Kilometers, Meters, Miles Per Hour


Basically, Accra is one of city that is usually accustomed to Kumasi when it comes to travel issues.

Though, Kumasi is not the closest capital city to Accra, traveling from Accra to Kumasi and vice versa has become very common because the business opportunities found in the capital city.

It is quite obvious that anybody who has the desire to leave the Greater Kumasi region in search for greener pastures makes Accra his optimum choice for various reasons.

One of the basic reasons why most people in Kumasi choose to settle in Accra for greener pastures is due to the high level of civilization in the capital city. Others also have the perception, there are more jobs in the capital city as compared to Kumasi.

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These factors have been some of the major contributor to the reason why most people have made traveling to Accra their topmost priority.

Most of these travellers embark their success journey from Accra to Kumasi without considering the distance covered by land when traveling.

As a smart traveller, you should always endeavor to take note of the major contributors to the distance covered whenever you are travelling between cities.

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If you are someone who has thought about the distance one needs to travel before moving from Accra to Kumasi, then trust me you chanced on this article at the most appropriate time.

Take a seat while I take you through some information on the distance covered whenever you make trip from Accra to Kumasi.

According to study, the Greater Accra region is located 197 kilometers away from the Greater Kumasi region. In view of this, a vehicle traveling at a constant speed of 50 kilometers per hour will most likely reach the Garden city of Kumasi in less than six hours.

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Since Accra is located at a longitude of -0.9 and a land latitude of 5.6, the total straight line from Accra to Kumasi will fall at 197 kilometers and am approximate meter distance of 300.

This is because Kumasi has a longitude of -1.62 and latitude of 6.67. The aforementioned analysis make the milles based distance between the cities 122.6 miles.

Since this is a straight line distance, the actual distance between the two cities may vary either going higher or lower depending on the curvature of the road the vehicle is traveling on.


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