Do you remember Princes Shingle: See her latest stunning PHOTOS


Do you remember Princes Shingle: See her latest stunning PHOTOS

Princess shyngle is an actress and is popularly known for being the most curvy lady in Ghana and even some African countries. Well, she all the curves and most beautiful shape that every man admires. Surprisingly, she’s a very young woman who turned 29 years recently. Although she’s a Ghanaian, she was burn in Gambia. Others also believe she’s from Nigeria

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As an actress, she has won quite alot of awards that justifies she’s very good at her work. She dated very big men in Africa including; football stars Machael Essien and Adebayor and popular musicians such as D Black. She’s a top model and brand influencer too.

According to her, her curves are God-given meaning she didn’t gain such beautiful shape by using waist trainers or anything of that sort. A very beautiful and humble woman of her kind.

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These are beautiful pictures of her

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