Duncan Williams Runs Away From S3xual Sin; I Really Want To Get Serious With The Bible


Daniel Duncan-Williams, son of Nicholas Duncan Williams of the Christian Action Faith Ministries, has taken to social media to make known his resolve about how to live life.

In the not too long past, Daniel Duncan-Williams has exhibited how naughty he is with issues over s3x but he seems to have seen the light now.

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He has taken to social media indicating that he really wants to get serious with the Bible.

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Daniel Duncan-Williams has noted that he wants to read the entire Bible and take some notes.

No one can easily tell if he is frank about his statement or it’s just one of the usual things he says whenever he experiences a maniac episode but no matter what the case may be ,Daniel Duncan-Williams has asked his fans to make known their favorite Bible verses to him and how they have helped them.


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