Every Guy Prays For His Ex-G!rlfri£nd To Become Poor And Wrëtçhëd When He Makes It In Life – Bishop Kwabena Asiamah (Ajagurajah) States And Explains Why


According to the spìrìtual leader of the Universal Spìrìtual Outreach(USO), every guy who leaves his girlfriend for a long time prays the lady fails and sees him as superior one day.

Speaking in a recent interview on “the Revelations Show”, he stated that it is the basic tenet of people who are close to wish each other bad when they depart in an unfavorable manner.

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Per his narration, if you are someone who used to be closed to a friend who has currently become a total enemy to you, all you wish for him is to suffer in life so you can get an upper hand whenever you chance on him somewhere in life.

He compared this assertion to guys and girls who enter into a long-term relationship. From his point of view, the moment you break up with your ex-girlfriend in a manner that hurt you as a guy, all wish for her is to become extremely poor in life so you can see her and laugh at her.

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Is this true?


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