Female Medical Doctor Goes Half [email protected]£d While Praying (Watch Video)


Female Medical Doctor Goes Half [email protected]£d While Praying (Watch Video)


A female medical doctor has caused an uproar on social media platforms, after she went partially [email protected] on Instagram Live to pray for more followers.

In the viral videos circulating on various social media platforms, the Nigerian medical doctor was seen praying hard.

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In the video, she wore black pants and matched it with a cup brazier.

Looking at the brazier she was wearing, most of her b©©bs were exposed to enable viewers get a clear picture of how her b©©bs look like

And the purpose of the prayer? For Instagram followers. In her own words” My followers cup of blessings will overflow”.

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At the moment, many social media users are calling on the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council, to take appropriate actions against the Medical doctor.


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