First National Bank Ghana: Headquarters, Branches, Mobile Banking Services, Investment Options, Contact Center


It happens to be one of the most sought after commercial banks in Ghana that began operating in the country not long ago.

The First National Bank has legally been licensed under the Central Bank of Ghana and has the Central Bank as its national regulator.

The financial institution was set not long ago, specifically in 2015. However, it has proven beyond reasonable doubts it’s well to do as far as the provision of financial services is concerned.

After it was offered the opportunity to operate as a bank in 2015, First National Bank began to operate setting up its first branch which currently happens to be the headquarters of the bank.

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As a young and growing bank in Ghana, First National has the aim of rising organically, by providing state-of-the-art digital banking services while taking into consideration the desire to meet the personal demands of bank customers.

The bank happens to a subsidiary bank to the First National Bank Africa, a massive financial conglomerate located in South Africa.

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In 2017, the Ghana Home Loan Bank, in view of its inability to meet with demands from the Bank of Ghana to meet the minimum capital requirements needed to ensure its Opera as a bank, joined forces with the First National Bank to form a merger.

After approval from the Bank of Ghana and the consent from shareholders of the merging banks, the two came to a consensus and finally completed the process of merging their financial institutions during the second quarter of the year 2022.

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Aside having its headquarters based in the capital city of Ghana, First National also has subsidiary banks that operate their supervision.

In view of this fact, below is a list of some branches established in the capital city of Ghana.

  • First National Bank (FBN) Achimota Mall Branch
  • FBN Accra Mall Branch
  • FBN Airport Branch
  • FBN West Hills Mall Branch
  • FBN Junction Shopping Center Branch
  • FBN Tema Community 1 Branch
  • FBN Tema Main Branch


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