Friday Lotto Results; Predictions, Two-sure Perm, Best Bankers


The Friday set of numbers drawn by the National Lottery Authority (NLA) is usually identified by the name ” Friday Bonanza”.

I am sure these two words might ring a bell in your eye because the word “Bonanza” and Friday are used by not only the NLA but shopping centers and retail stores who want to offer freebies to customers during the day of the week as far as working days are concerned.

Today, we are going to look at some usual predictions made for the Friday Bonanza” draw and how to make proper forecasts in order to win lotteries on Fridays.

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It’s quite obvious winning a lottery on a Friday could appear as a whole amazing news to those who plan on spending their weekend in Grande style.

Though today’s draw will come off around 7:15 in the evening, the NLA has made some predictions on numbers that are likely to be drawn by the close of the day.

To save you the stress of having to compare numbers in order to conclude on which of them have high chances of being selected, I have prepared a list certain predictions.

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In addition, I will be providing a list of machine numbers as well as lucky numbers coupled with a number of best bankers.

Looking at the recent predictions publicized by the NLA, the numbers likely to be drawn by the association could be 43-34-60-68-86-88.

The aforementioned numbers are likely predictions from the NLA. Inferring from the numbers provided, we draw a perfect conclusion numbers that include the 30s,60s and 80s will certainly appear in the draw to be made.

Also, there is the likelihood of an interchangeable odd-even or even-even pair of numbers being selected, just as shown in the first and second two set of numbers predicted by the NLA.

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For two-sure permutations, it is likely the frequently occuring pair could be 68-43,34-86 or 68-88.

In relation to the number with the most reoccurrence, the best banker number likely to be selected by the NLA could be 68.

Looking at the assumptions and analysis made above, one can easily get his preferred set of numbers for todays game and win some easy cash with less or no stress at all.


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