FXNN: Biography, Discovery, Career, Age

    Who is FXNN?
    FXNN is a well-known German musician best known for his hit song Nightmare. There isn’t much information available about this German artist, but in this article, I will gather and compile a few facts about this well-known German artist. On Instagram, he goes by the handle wax.fxnn. A summary of his profile can be found below.
    Summary of your profile
    Unavailable real name
    FXNN is the stage name of a musician.
    Unavailable date of birth
    Germany is where I was born.
    Nationality German
    Rapper and musician by trade
    Unavailable net worth
    FXNN’s Birthday and Age
    FXNN’s birth date is unknown, but based on his appearance and stature, he appears to be in his early twenties.
    Biography of FXNN
    The only information about FXNN that is currently available is that he is a German music artist. He was born in Germany, but the exact location is unknown. His parents’ information is also unavailable on the Internet. This article will be updated as soon as possible.
    Height and Weight of FXNN
    At this time, there is no information available on the internet about his height and weight.
    Career at FXNN
    On the internet, there isn’t a single piece of information about his career or how he got started in music. He had his first hit track Nightmare in December 2020, according to some petty information from his Instagram account. Since then, he has been an active fan of Pashanim and Lucio101, whom he considers to be his role models. He recently released a new song, Tout Le Jour, which was released in October 2021.
    Discography of FXNN
    The Nightmare (December 2020)
    Toutes les Journées (October 2021)
    Instagram: FXNN
    With over 1.8k followers on Instagram, he goes by the handle @wav.fxnn.
    Relationship with FXNN
    There is no information about his relationship at this time; we believe he is currently concentrating on his career; he is currently single.
    Net worth of FXNN
    At the moment, information about his earnings and fortune is unavailable on the internet. The article will be updated as soon as new information becomes available on the subject.
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