Ghana Coat Of Arms


After independence, there are so many symbolic identifications that every country should have to make them distinct from other countries.

Usually, these symbols identified is an indication of emancipation from the rulership and control of one’s oppressor.

After the British finally decided to leave Ghana and allow citizens take are of their administration and governorship, the then ruler Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah took the decision to come up with some distinct seals and tags to make Ghana truly independent.

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Some of the intangible features introduced were the National Anthem and the National Pledge.

These symbolic identifications makes a Ghanaian distinct from his fellow African comrades.

Aside these intangible distinctions, one highly recognizeable symbol that makes one distinct administratively is the Ghanaian coat of arms.

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It is recognized on every government headline to symbolize authenticity. The moment a Ghanaian sees an announcement with the coat of arms embedded in the background of the report or below its signatories it’s completely assumed it’s from the governmental office of authority.

Many at times we see this particular coat of arms but barely ask about it features and the motive behind them.

In today’s article, we will at the what the symbols embedded in the Coat of Arms entails.

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On the first quarter of the coat of arms, a sword is Identified. This sword represents the sword used by the traditional rulers of the country. In simple language, it symbolizes the traditional authority of Ghana.

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The second quarter is a fair sketch of the Osu castle, placed on the sea, which is quite agreeable because it is located along the coastal parts of the country. The presidential palace identified on the Gulf of Guinea is a depiction of the national government.

The third quarter of the shield shows a cocoa tree, which represents the agricultural wealth of Ghana.

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The fourth quarter shows a gold mine, which represents the rich minerals found in the lands of the country.

A gold is centered at the Coat of Arms with gold fimbriated on the blue sea. This represents the continuous link between Ghana and the Commonwealth of Nations.

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The crest found on the Coat of Arms is the Black Star of Africa with an outline of gold, upon a torse in the national colors.

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Giving support to the shield identified between around the major emblems are two golden Tawny Eagles with the order of the Star of Ghanan suspended from their necks.

The compartment on which the supporting Eagles stand on is made up of a grassy field beneath a logo which bear the motto “Freedom Of Justice” which is the motto of Ghana.

The shield stands for the fight against Poverty, Ignorance and hunger.


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