Ghana Does Not Need A Vice President – Kwadwo Mpiani


According to the former Chief of Staff, Ghana does not need a vice President. In his opinion, the country only needs a Prime Minister who will be appointed by the President to oversee the affairs of the government.

He made it clear that, as a president, you cannot perform every task assigned to you.

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As a result of this, it will be appropriate if you have people who are trustworthy and can tell you the actual situation on the ground.

He said during his time as Chief of Staff,John Agyekum Kufour had sincere people who used to call him personally, to inform him about the actual situation on the ground. According to him, the Chief of Staff was assigned that job.

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Per his sentiments, the only way the President will have a fair knowledge about what’s going on in the country, is by appointing somebody who will tell him the exact truth concerning the standard of living of citizens.


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