Ghana Lotto Prediction For Today; Two Sure, Best Bankers


Currently, lotto forecasters have become very common in the Ghanaian community simply because of the ease associated with predicting lotto numbers.

Mostly, lotto forecasters are known as lotto specialists and that is one major reason why any clue provided by them on the probability of a number being selected at the end of the draw conducted by the National Lottery Authority (NLA).

Prediction for lotto numbers vary depending on the day the draw is made. However, for today, we will be taking some of the best lotto forecasts published by some widely known lotto specialists.

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On Sundays, certain numbers pop up and are considered hot numbers simply because the “Sunday Special” draw usually sees these numbers being selected for the final selection of winning numbers.

It is one major reason why we should pay close attention to how the predictions are made and how to calculate these highly occuring numbers in order to better our chances of winning.

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For “Sunday Special”, the only forecasts used to generate lucky numbers are the “hot numbers”. This is simply because they are the only number that have been over the past few weeks.

As such you should pay attention to these hot numbers regularly in order to get a clue on the final set of numbers to chose if you really want to win.

For prediction on two sure numbers, the numbers that are usually drawn from the long list of hot numbers are 12-30-36-33-34-49 and 14.

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For those who prefer the best banker option for their lotto stakes, I would advise that they go in for the single digits because they are usually the numbers that are drawn by the NLA on Sundays.

Specifically, numbers ranging from 4 to 9 are usually drawn. Frankly speaking, the most best banker numbers that have eventually emerged as winning numbers are 7 and 5.



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