Ghana To Run Short Of Diesel Very Soon; See When And Why


MP for the Ningo constituency, Hon Edward Bawa has warned that the current Russia-Ukraine war might soon cause Ghana to run out of diesel by May.

He stated that if government doesn’t act fast to ensure there is concurrent supply of the crude commodity, there is a high possibility diesel may run out by late April or early May.

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Explaining further, Hon. Edward Bawa, a member of the Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament said there is possible drop down in the supply of diesel because the sanctions imposed on Russia with regards to their recent attacks on Ukraine will have an absolute impact on 22 April 2022.

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He went on to say that numerous European countries as well as other developed countries don’t produce diesel due to its economically-unfriendly characteristic.

Mr. Bawa explained that this has made Russia a leading producer in diesel exploitation and since the country is on an embargo, serious sanctions will be imposed on the country making it impossible for them to export diesel to other parts of the world.

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