Good News! Moesha Buduong’s Attempt To Commit Suicide Foiled


Even though many Ghanaians seem to be making fun of the repentance of Ghanaian actress, Moesha Buduong , they would have been surprised by her sudden death through suicide.

From a video making rounds on social media , from her own utterances she had decided to commit suicide by jumping off from a storey building but she was stopped by some people.

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Later on , she started narrating to them how her life was before she repented.

Among other things, Moesha Buduong indicated that she has sold her Range Rover and other properties she had and that she is much happier now than before when she was known to be a slayqueen.

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Taking a look at her, you realise that she looks dirty and it is obvious that she is going through psychological turmoil which needs to be addressed.



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