GT Bank Fired Me For Not Letting A customer In After Closing Hours – Lady Tells Sad Story


A beautiful Ghanaian Lady by name Jaen Ara tells how Guaranteed Trust Bank fired her for not letting a customer in after closing hours.

People see this picture and assume I am some lucky girl chilling and having fun. But no! I took this pic amidst pain,sadness ,depression, contemplating was battling emotional trauma. A doctor even recommended that I see a psychiatrist, then my job Guaranty Trust Bank – Ghana fired me for not letting a customer into the bank after closing hours.

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So many bank robberies and I had thought the bank was supposed to take extreme precautions. But in this world “money talks and bullshit works”.I was fired because a customer “supposed millionaire” said I didn’t let him into the banking premises 1hour after the bank had closed so I should be fired or he withdraws all his money. And just like that.. I was fired. Sad how at this time when people are barely getting 3square meals a day, the rich feels like it’s ok to take someone’s means of livelihood just to prove a point.

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The long and short of this write up✍️ is .. be nice 😊. U don’t know how much ur kind words can be of help to people. Have a nice day y’all.


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