GTBank Branches In Kumasi 2022


Day In day out, the number of financial institutions in Ghana keep increasing due to the huge demand for services rendered by the banking sector.

As funny as it may sound, people have suddenly seen reason why they should endeavor to keep a part of their income at the bank looking at the drastic downturn in economic development.

As the financial system of Ghana deteriorates, people tend to get more comfortable with making investment and saving their hard earned money with banks to save them from adverse financial problems.

This is one major reason why people resort to banks rather than saving at different avenues.

At the moment, some of the most prominent and highly acknowledged banks in Ghana include the Ghana Commercial Bank, one which is considered the bedrock and second most successful bank in Ghana, Fidelity Bank, ECOBANK, Consolidated Bank and Guarantee Trust Bank.

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In today’s article, we will be shifting our attention to the Guaranty Trust Bank.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the leading trust banks in Africa that offers retail/ online, corporate and investment banking.

Opening an account with the Guaranty Trust Bank comes with a wide range of benefits that may be beneficial to the customer who has made it a point to bank with them for a long time.

Some of these benefits include;

  • Free Commission On Turnover for life
  • Free E-bundle services for life
  • Free VisaCard or MasterCard when you deposit Ghc5 or more
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Aside these benefits, every first time account holder gets some of the most flexible and essential financial products.

These financial products are elaborated below.

1. GTBANK Quick Credit

This is particular product is an innovative type that gives you instant access to cash for your pressing needs.

With Quick Credit, you can borrow up to 100% of your monthly salary at a rate as low as 1.5% for 30 days. This can simply be done by dialing the MMI code *737*0#


With this particular financial product, you can easily pay for your groceries, dinner or lunch date, make fuel purchases and pay for utilities.

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3. SME Suite

It is one of the most comprehensive GTBank financial products for Micro, Small and Medium Scale enterprises.

 4.Virtual Card

This particular product allows you to shop online anywhere in the world and pay for subscription services from Netflix and Apple Muzik.

For customers who would like to get access to these products but cannot move to their offices in Accra, below is a list of Guaranty Trust Bank branches located in the Greater Kumasi region.

  • GTBANK Alabar Branch – Kumasi
  • GTBANK Adum – Kumasi Pampaso Branch
  • GTBANK KNUST Campus, Close To Karma Pharmacy
  • GTBANK Adum Main Branch Kumasi


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