Guys, If She Lacks Any Of These Qualities Don’t Marry Her


Usually, a guy may be attracted to a lady on the first glance primarily because of her physical look.

However, a lot of things come into play after the guy in question has gotten used to the lady and her character.

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If you are a guy who is planning to marry that beautiful lady you just met, then always make it a point to look out for these qualities before taking her down the aisle.

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1. She Doesn’t Know How To Cook

Never get married to a lady who is either a bad cook or doesn’t know how to cook at all.

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Doing this will definitely come back to harm you as time goes on.

The popular saying “the way to a man’s heart is his stomach” is not a cliche. It still applies irrespective of the amount of love you have for the lady.

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2. She Doesn’t Know How To Talk

A lady who lacks the ability to speak politely to people is bad news for marriage.

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Just picture a situation where your friends come to visit you and happen to meet your speaking to you in a impolite manner.

Aside being seen as a weak man, possibility that you may lose respect in front of them is very high.

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3. She Is Disrespectful

No guy will be comfortable staying a lady who lacks respect. Remember a lady who is highly respectful is considered a pride of her husband.

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In order to be seen as a highly respectful man, do make it a point to get along with a lady who is extremely respectful.


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