Hajia Bintu And Hajia4real Acquired Expensive Cars After short visit to Naija, What is the secret?, Ghanaians Ask


Hajia Bintu and Hajia4real are trending on social media, after aquiring expensive cars after short visit to Nigeria.

Few days ago, Hajia Bintu posted pictures she took with some Nigeria Celebrites, which was trending on social media. Hajia Spent about a week or two in Nigeria, which caused so many allegations on the internet, as to why she visited the country.

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She came back few days ago, and bought a brand new Jaguar, which is one of the most expensive cars in the world, yet she was able to buy, even though we do not know how she raised funds to buy that car.

Well, Hajia4real also visited, and acquired a G -wagon, which is very expensive car. This caused so many allegations, as to where she go the money to buy such expensive car.

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