Here Are 4 Ghanaian Communities That Have High Possibility Of Experiencing Earthquakés


Here Are 4 Ghanaian Communities That Have High Possibility Of Experiencing Earthquakes

The current seat of government, the Jubilee House, Kotoka International Airport, the Tema Harbour as well as some major national properties are in danger of being destructed, as they have been identified as areas that are likely to experience earthquakes if something like that should happen in the country of Ghana.

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This is because the aforementioned national facilities fall within the zone prone to earthquakes which stretches across the Volta region, the capital Greater Accra and the Eastern Region as well as some parts of the Central Region.

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Ghana has on record 3 earthquake cases in 1615, 1636. The last occurrence happened in 1939 which resulted in 17 deaths and 133 injuries.

This situation led to the unanticipated resettlement of hundreds of people in Accra.

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President Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo on Thursday, 8th April 2021, accepted the recommendation of a committee organized to advise the government on some measures to contain possible earthquakes in Ghana.

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Meanwhile, Nana Addo has directed an urgent integrity audit of all public buildings, to help ascertain the country’s state of preparedness, should there be an earthquake situation in the areas identified as earthquake zones.


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