How Girls Act When They Want To Ask You For Money (Men Take Note)


It’s normal to see a lady demand money from her lover once in a while. Usually, they don’t demand for it on a regular basis.

However, there are some subtle signs they give to before finally asking you for money. It is up to you to know how to find meanings to these signs.

First, she acts all nice. When a girl is too nice to you, there is a possibility she wants something from you. It could be monetary or non-monetary.

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Have you ever wondered why your gîrlfrîend acts all nice when she is in dying need of something. It’s just a way to get you into a happy mood so she can demand for whatever she wants and get.

Secondly, she shows you pictures of something she wants to buy. In the first place, why will she show them to you when you are are not a lady? Getting you to see the things she wants to buy is a way of telling I want it but I can’t afford it.

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The moment you tell her it looks expensive or it’s nice, you give her chance to tell you to buy it for her and you definitely will if you love her.

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Thirdly, she complains about her financial problems to you. This is also a great sign. Some girls usually tell their financial problems to people because they just want someone to talk to.

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Others do so because they know after complaining about it, you will be kind enough to offer to help. Telling you about her financial problems is only a strategy to get you to help her.

Never fall for her trap.


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