How To Download YouTube Videos; 7 Simple Step-By-Step Approach


At the moment, a lot of people have cultivated the habit of watching videos using YouTube links and channels.

Due to this fact, it’s safe to say the YouTube platform has become a widely used platform for viewing documentaries as well as videos in recent times.

As we speak, some students who find it difficult to comprehend some basic lessons they have been over the past few weeks tend to the YouTube platform to get access to some informative videos they can tap into for understanding.

As a result of the sudden evolution of the corona pandemic, the use of the YouTube platform became highly essential due to the ability of an individual to monetize any form of video he or she posts.

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Due to the sudden drop-down in movie acting emanating from restrictions on overcrowding in almost every country, various movie acting industries took advantage of the YouTube to earn massively from posting their movies on YouTube in order to earn money amidst the sudden restrictions placed on overcrowding and their operations.

As a result of this, one could hop on the internet and get access to a one hour African movie from the comfort of their homes.

As time went by, people who used to spend their bundles watching long movies on YouTube sought for various ways they could download the videos on YouTube in order to watch them at their leisure time without having to use internet bundles.

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As we speak, these individuals who have been looking for various ways to download videos from the YouTube platform haven’t had the opportunity to download it for future use.

In this article I present to you a step-by-step approach to downloading videos on YouTube.

Step 1 – Copy YouTube link and paste it at a location you can later retrieve.

Step 2 – Search for platforms that allows you to download videos from YouTube on Google chrome by simple searching “YouTube video downloader” in the search bar.

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Step 3 – Platforms like “” and “y2mate” are most likely to pop up. Enter the site you come across on the Google platform.

Step 4 – Once you get to the YouTube download platform, you will be required to paste a link in a space provided. In this space provided, you are most likely to see “Paste link”.

Step 5 – Retrieve the link copied and paste in the space provided and press “ENTER”.

Step 6 – Afterwards you will be select the format of video quality you prefer after the video has been converted into a downloadable content.

Step 7 – Click your preferred format and wait a little while it downloads.


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