How To Get To Burma Camp By Bus – Real-time Directions


Burma is the headquarters of the Ghana Armed Forces. It is also the headquarters of the Ghanaian Ministry Of Defence.

It is located at of Accra around the Kotoko International Airport (KIA). Specifically, Burma Camp located within the La Dadekotopon municipality, a district that has its capital as Labadi.

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Currently, the millitary camp comprises of six different battalions, divided equally between the two brigades of the army.

The first substantial fort in the camp was built by the Danish in the late 1600s. Though the castle has changed hands among Denmark, Portugal, the Akwamus and Britain and finally post-independece Ghana.

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Burma Camp was the site where the millitary battle during the 1979 was fought. On record, it is the millitary fight that placed Ft. Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings in power.

The camp retains notoriety and fear from previous Ghanaian millitary regimes, so that civilians who entered the camp might not re-emerge.

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Burma Camp has twenty-four schools with a learner population of 14,712.

One school that has really gained popularity in Burma Camp is the Armed Senior High Technical School.

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It was established 28 January 1991 and was part of the 146 schools that were in the country at that time.

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The school initially started as a day school but later advanced to include the boarding school system.

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The transformation resulted in the building of hostels for students on September 1997.

When the hostel was established, accomodation was provided to only 50 students. Afterwards the school has been offering boarding facilities to a large number of students.

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Directions To Burma If You Are In Accra

If you are an individual who has been looking for real-time directions to the camp for business or educational purposes, worry no more. Below is an in-depth description of directions to the camp.

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If you are moving from the Accra-Nsawam road, all you need to do is to pick a cab to the 37 Millitary Hospital.

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When you get to the hospital, you pick another bus to Labadi and alight at Congo Junction. It is exactly three bus stops after the El-Wak Sports Stadium.

If you are moving from Aburi, Madina and it’s environs, you pick a car to Circle/Accra and alight at the 37 Millitary Hospital.

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Afterwards, you follow the same procedure mentioned earlier to get your destination (Burma Camp).


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