How To Keep A Man And Make Him Marry You(Ladies Take Note)


Ladies have some form of difficulty when it comes to keeping the man of their life and hopefully getting married to that man.

It is not a difficult task though. There are so many things that attract men that most ladies are not familiar with. One would think it’s only the v££[email protected] that makes a man yearn for a lady most of the time.

The truth a guy who has intentions of leaving you in the near future will definitely leave you irrespective of how well you satisfy her in b£d.

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In today’s article, I will be enlightening readers on how best you can keep a man you want to marry.

1. Give Her An Unconditional Reason To Love You

The moment a guy loves you for something you possesses either physically or financially, it becomes a disadvantage to you.

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This is because the moment that quality you possess diminishes or disappears, he sees no reason to be with you.

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Rather giving him the impression you are well to do or have a beautiful body, introduce him to some qualities about you a lot of lady do not possess.

Some of these qualities include your ability to cook extremely well, your ability to give cheer him up when he is downhearted and your ability to give him some essential tips on how to grow his business or make more money.

The moment you possess any of these qualities, every man would want to be with you because he is assured of building a better future with you.

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2. Show Him Respect And Learn How To Talk To Him Very Politely

Men are naturally egoistic. This is one reason why you should always give your man utmost respect if you want her to stay with you for a long time.

The factuality is no man wants to be with a lady who will always disrespect at the slightest chance.

If you really want to keep your man, then always give him the maximum respect he deserves and more.

3. Respect Others And Know How To Talk To People

No man would want to command respect from a lady who is rude to others.

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The moment he realizes you don’t treat others well, you will be giving him the impression you are only faking respect to keep him.

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In order to get a man to like you and marry you, always make it a point to respect others as well. The moment people start to speak good about you, he will start to get more attracted to you.

4. Never Make The Relationship All About S3x

This is one thing that will make a genuine guy stay glued to you forever. The moment a guy gets less s3x from you, he starts to yearn for you a lot.

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Teaching him some of the most exciting things in a relationship other than s3x will always make your relationship stronger.

This is because men usually get fed up with girls they always have s3x with you.


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