How To Know If A Guy Has Never Had S.3x Before (3 Clear Indications)


Guys appear really deceptive when it comes to matters like this. It’s usually said that identifying a guy who has never had [email protected] intercourse is very difficult.

Unlike ladies, guys don’t have a clear physical change on their private parts when they are dev!rginized.

However, there is a little physìcal change that occurs around the genitals of a guy after he has had [email protected] intercourse on a number of occasions.

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In today’s article, I will be educating readers on how to know if a guy has never had [email protected] interc0urse in his life.

To make more easy for you to recognize a “holy” guy or what some will prefer to say a virg!n, I will provide readers with some behavioral characteristics and physìcal changes on the genitals.

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1. Pay Attention To The Way He Talks When They Issue Of Male Virgins Pop Up

Any guy who has never had s.3x before will always try to act hard whenever his friends try to put him on the spot.

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The moment he start to act manly and highly objective to the fact he is a ‘virg!n’ just know he has never had s.3x before.

Male v!rgins are not excessively aggressive when they are placed on the spot concerning an issue like this.

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2. He Gets Angry When Other Guys Start To Talk About The Countless [email protected] Affairs They Have Engaged In

This is also a very good sign. Male v!rgins looked displeased anytime other try to bombard them with their numerous [email protected] escapades.

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If you take a critical look at their facial expressions and demeanor, they look either overly excited or excessively angry anytime the issue of [email protected] escapades pop up.

In certain circumstances, the guy in question may not be a v!rgin but trust me, he has not engaged in [email protected] int3rc0ur$e for a long time.

3. The Look Of The Cap Of His P3n!s

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This particular observation requires crìtìcal attention. If a guy has multiple [email protected] encounter, the mid section of the tip of his p3n!s, that is the section below the opening of his penis changes.

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Usually, it looks more like a part of the skin over that region has faded a little. If you pay attention critically, you could see a slight change in color, below either the right lower section or the left lower section a few inches below the opening of the penis.

It should be noted that this portion is located under the penis between the head and the actual joyst!ck.


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