How To Link Your Ghana Card To Your Bank Account: Step-By-Step Approach


In relation to the current Minister of Communication’s directive on the registration of SIM cards with the newly introduced Ghana card, there has been a new rollout of policies concerning the update of bank account across the country.

Introduction Of The Ghana Card

The new Ghana card also known as the ECOWAS card has currently become the modern identification card accepted by almost every telecommunications network before re-registeration.

At the moment, the certified medium through which an individual can re-register his or her SIM is through biometric registration using his mobile phone followed the final verification process at the telecommunications network center.

According to a new directive issued by the Bank of Ghana, citizens who hold bank accounts in the various financial institutions in the country are obliged to link their Ghana card to their bank account.

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This is a simple way by which these banks will update the accounts of their customers in alignment with the newly introduced ECOWAS card.

Introduction Of Ghana Card-Bank Account Linkage

The account update being done using the Ghana card has introduced to reduce the level of theft in the country and emerged as a way by which financial institutions can make assessment on the account details and records of their customers.

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The deadline slated for bank account update is 31st June 2022. That’s to say after the aforementioned date, bank customers cannot operate with their accounts properly if their Ghana cards have not been linked to their bank accounts.

As a trusted news and information platform, we have decided to save you the stress of moving to an expert or bank branch in order to get your Ghana card linked to your bank account.

Steps Involved In Linking Ghana Card To Bank Account

Below is a step-by-step approach to linking your Ghana card to your bank account.

The first step has to do with visiting the Ghana card link page of your bank using a URL link. Usually, banks send these links as a reminder for Ghana card linkage.

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After getting access to the link’s website page, you will be required to fill in some relevant details about yourself.

This is includes your Bank account number and your date. In addition, you will be required to take a picture of the front and back of your Ghana card for final verification.

After going through this last process, an email will be sent to you with the indication you’ve successfully linked your Ghana card to your bank account and you are good to go.


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